Spot the spider!

How to play: The object of the game is to click on the spider as soon as you see it! Aim to click on the body, as you only get one click per picture. In between each picture you will be shown an interim screen for you to cath your breath. After 30 seconds if you haven't clicked you will automatically move on to the interim screen� but please don't just click anywhere in the hope of hitting the spider when your time is running out!! There are 24 photos, and the whole quiz will take an absolute maximum of 15 minutes (and that would be if you didn't spot any of them!)

In explanation: The fen raft spiders in the photographs are well known for the striking white or cream bands along their sides. However, they also occur (less frequently) in an unbanded form. I am trying to find out whether visual predators (such as birds�.. or in this case people) find the banded or the unbanded morph easier to spot.

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