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Helen Smith has been responsible for the D. plantarius monitoring and recovery programme, funded by Natural England (formerly English Nature) at Redgrave and Lopham Fen NNR, since 1992. She now runs the translocation programme on behalf on Natural England.

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Phil Pearson - UEA Ecology graduate, completed a PhD on the autecology of D.plantarius in 2007, under the supervision of Drs Bob James and Jenny Gill, with Drs Helen Smith, Sara Goodacre and Roger Key.


Marija Vugdelic - UEA Ecology graduate, completed her PhD research on D.plantarius in spring 2006, under the supervision of Prof. Godfrey Hewitt and Dr Sara Goodacre. Andrew Holmes - also supervised by Sara Goodacre, completed an MRes on D. plantarius in 2008. Information Marija's and Andrew's work on D.plantarius can be found under the Genetic study link.

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Ian Bedford, Anna Jordan and Gavin Hatt - Ian and his team at the John Innes Centre Insectary in Norwich have been trailling methods for captive rearing of D. plantarius in preparation for a translocation programme. They have established a protocol that can deliver very high survival rates.

Alice Baillie - 'A' Level student, working on the colour banding polymorphism in D. plantarius in 2009 for an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). Supervised by Drs Jenny Gill and Helen Smith. Alice quantified the ratios of banded:unbanded spiders in the field at the three UK sites and established the genetic basis of the banding polymorphism amongst the progeny of spiders mated in captivity. The web game 'spot the spider' - using people as model visual predators to quantify differences in the detectability of banded and unbanded morphs - is part of Alice's project.

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